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Putting a bag in place

We'll show you how SIMPLE and HYGIENIC bulk packaging is (at last)

Perifem Awards

What a wonderful reward to receive yesterday the "Super Award 2024 - Final Consumer Impact

Bulk and re-use month

The average household throws away 10 items of packaging a day... This month, spotlight on simple

The 1OO store milestone is passed

And 100 more! Woodland Garden has already helped 100 stores "simplify bulk" by making their shelves

Woodland Garden at the Euro CIS trade fair

Because bulk and packaging waste reduction is a global challenge, we'll be present next week at the

The new bulk era has arrived

Bulk is entering a new era, in response to the challenge of reducing single-use

Mayam, DIGI and Woodland Garden

The #EnAvantVrac forum was eagerly awaited and held yesterday at

Woodland Garden receives top award as “eco-responsible” start-up

The development of bulk goods is a key issue in France, and since yesterday in Europe. We are proud

For French people who have never bought bulk products, the main obstacle = HYGIENE.

No more excuses! With Woodland Garden, not only is the product NEVER TOUCHED OR TRANSVASTED, but it


BULK gets into a new dimension 💥

12 months ago, our VRAC (wooden) silos landed in the first