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Bulk and re-use fair

“Bulk distribution: joining forces to remove obstacles and increase usage.”  This was the theme of our discussion moderated by Christine Bourge from Perifem, the Fédération Technique du Commerce, yesterday at the bulk and reuse trade show, to highlight the collective initiatives hashtag#DefiVrac and hashtag#EnAvantVrac.

The results are concrete advances that take into account the specific characteristics of the different product categories (liquids, viscous, solids, powders, etc.), while meeting the economic, ecological and industrial challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s bulk industry players.

Some examples of ‘interoperable’ solutions that have emerged from the hashtag#EnAvantVrac collaboration:
✅ The principle of ‘flexible pouch bulk silos’, where the product is kept in its original packaging to enhance hygiene and traceability (Woodland Garden).
✅ The taring of containers so that they can be reused (DIGI France (Groupe TERAOKA).
✅ QR codes and consumer and shop apps for better information (MAYAM or PACKTIC | The RetailTech solution for a world without packaging).
✅ Bulk vending machines with pre-weighing (sysalp)

Tests and rollouts will continue in 2024 to prepare for the 2030 challenge of 20% of floor space in supermarkets dedicated to bulk products.

Thank you to DELPHINE LETEURTRE from the Bel group and Audrey Felgerolles from Lesieur, representatives of the Bulk Challenge Coalition, as well as Maël Le Moal from E.Leclerc and Christine Bourge for sharing your experiences, your convictions and the progress made by the sector on bulk. Thank you to Réseau Vrac et Réemploi and Celia Rennesson 🌎 for bringing together all the players in the sector for this wonderful event.