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Woodland Garden receives top award as “eco-responsible” start-up

The development of bulk goods is a key issue in France, and since yesterday in Europe. We are proud to be able to contribute by removing the main obstacles to its development.
This week, Woodland Garden was honored as ‘eco-responsible’ start-up of the year at the Capitole Angels awards evening.
So, is bulk with Woodland Garden more ‘eco-responsible’? Green washing or reality?
Here are some answers
By DELETING THE WASHING of silos, which is no longer necessary (the bulk product remains in its original bag), we save on water, soap, electricity and transport to and from the washing centres. For 1 million silos in France, that’s a potential saving of 8 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water per year, 50 tonnes of soap and 20,000 MWh, which is already more concrete…. LOCAL MANUFACTURING in WOOD and/or BIOPOLYMER (0 plastic)

REDUCTION OF FOOD WASTE (no losses during decanting, no losses due to pests (food moths), better preservation).
What if our next step was to RE-USE the bag?
Our solution is compatible with MAYAM and DIGI Global (TERAOKA) technologies, which optimise the management of the bulk shelf and reinforce its positive impact.

Thank you Capitole Angels for this award, and especially  Pierre CarliKarine SeymourJean-Marc RIBAILLIERLucie Parra !
Thank you Philippe Dessertine (Officiel) – Lecturer and economist for your inspiring speech and advice, and thank you to all our partners.